Mistica nella Parashà – Vayeshev Channukah

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FONTEMistica nella Parashà - Vayeshev Channukah

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  1. "Happy are those whose animal is as beloved to them as their own body. As we find with Jacob who said to Joseph, “Go now and see to your brothers' welfare and the welfare of the flocks" thereby actualizing the adage, “the righteous know the soul of their animal”.
     (ילקוט שמעוני לתורה פרשת חקת)
    The Malbim states, “The Tzadik is one who acts with righteousness. Not only do they act righteously with human beings but also towards the animals in their possession. They know an animal’s nature to give it food at the appropriate times and in the proper amount and not to exceed its capacity to work. For these too are the laws of wisdom and righteousness. As it is written in the Torah, “I will give grass in the fields for your animals” and afterwards is it written, “and you will eat and be sated”. From this sequence we learn the prohibition of subjecting animals to undo anguish is a Torah law".
    Rashi: A righteous person knows the nature of his animal specifically, what their animal requires. Mtzudat David: “The righteous person pays attention even to the needs of their animal to fulfil its craving- because God greatly values mercy".


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