Mistica nella Parashà – Vayigash 2017

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FONTEMistica nella Parashà - Vayigash 2017

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  1. Harav Yitzchak Habanstreit: One should know, aside for the fact that it is inappropriate for man to eat meat with regard to tradition, ethics, religion and wisdom; it is also unnatural because man is unfit to eat meat as is proven by the analysis of a person's limbs. Man was created to live from the dews of heaven and the fat of the earth, from the grains and vegetation of the land and the fruits of the tree. All a person's limbs and bones indicate that we are not meat eaters! All living things eat either vegetation or flesh and accordingly, The Master of Nature designed them to have differing digestive systems, body structures and limbs. We can also recognize that humans were not designed to eat meat because when we see a cow, sheep, goat or chickens and the like alive, there is no inner urge or desire to eat them. Likewise, raw meat does not raise within us any desire or appetite. Quite the contrary, it is disgusting and repulsive even to look at. It is only when meat is roasted or cooked with vegetables that we can consider eating it or tolerate its smell, and it is only the aroma of the vegetables and spices overpowering the odor of the meat. Only then does one's desire for meat rise, only when it's smell, appearance and taste changes, only when it is impossible to recognize that it is a part of an animal. But this is not the case with the human desire for vegetables and fruit of the tree and the like. These produce strong natural feelings and call to us in a loving way: “Wondrous to behold and good to eat”. Can something be desirous to the eyes? (ח"כ' ישעי)”While still in his hand, it is swallowed”. See how much man desires fruits that God needed to warn him, “you should not stop learning because of this!”, for Rabbi Yaakov says, (ג"פ אבות)”If one is walking on the way and learning and interrupts their learning and says, “how beautiful is this tree or how pleasant is this ploughed field”, they bear guilt for their soul!”, A great desire awakens in their midst to taste the fruits and eat them fresh as they were created. Is this not enough proof that these are the natural foods for a person? And since eating meat is unnatural for a human, it follows that eating meat damages and shortens one's life. It is understood if one goes against nature it is impossible that nature will give them a pass and fill their days, for nature does not tolerate those who violate her; He does what he wants and she does what she wants; it is a silent but heavy war between them until the measure is filled then nature will vomit them out, as it says in the Torah, “I bring the heavens and the Earth to give witness” that Man was not created just to die and his problems only come as a result of gluttony and over indulgence. And if you find one in a thousand people who eats meat and is healthy and lives long, this is not normal and who knows if you will find someone like this, even one in a thousand! Most medical experts state in their books that all illnesses result from a meat based diet: since they have gone against nature. Likewise, all medicines are made from various plants in an attempt to align the sickened person, back to nature as the adage in the Talmud (ברכות מ) one who regularly consumes lentils prevents disease from his house and mustard prevents illness from his house.” And they say (ברכות מד”) leeks are beneficial for the intestine” and we have seen and heard; when one eats that which is intended they will feel no digestive pain. But after eating meat one experiences digestive difficulties because their system has not been built for eating meat but for vegetation.
    שיף. תרפ"ט הרב הבנשטרייט, יצחק. ספר קברות התאווה. רישא: הוצאת ר' )


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